Sweat Lodge (Temazcal)

The Temazcal is an Ancestral and Cultural Tradition, is a Hydro-Therapeutic steam bath, with herbs and medicinal plants, wich aims to self-introspection, a process of detoxification and preventive medicine.

The Temazcal, with a Igloo form, represents the womb of Mother Earth, unifies the 4 elements , to give a experience of renaissance.

  • The Temazcal represents EARTH
  • The red-hot volcanic Stones FIRE
  • Infused with aromatic herbs WATER
  • Releasing exquisite steam AIR

The Temazcal makes the body sweat (not evaporate) as the body´self regulatory system (sympathetic & parasympathetic system) in order to accelerating the circulation, eliminating toxins.  The heat of the Temazcal, makes heat-sensitive nerve endings, produce acetylcholine (biochemistry) that stimulates the 2.3 million sweat glands in the skin) The skin is the largest and most complex organ after brain.

Therapeutic Effects:

  • Increase the functions of each organ
  • Remove uric acid, lactic acid, PH balance, blood acid-alkaline
  • Revitalization and cellular repair
  • Keeps the skin clean and moisturized
  • Stimulates the glandular system (Pituitary-Pineal Gland)
  • Relax and Purify the Body
  • Renew your energy and rejuvenate us
  • Energetically, help to reaffirm and enforce our purposes