Sacred Ceremonies

ofrenda semillas y flores

Based on the Ancestral Mayan´s Cosmology.  We concentrate on the awareness of each individual as a couple, while utilizing the natural elements: earth, water, air, and fire.

The Temazcal is an Ancestral and Cultural Tradition, is a Hydro-Therapeutic steam bath, with herbs and medicinal plants, which aims to self-introspection, a process of detoxification and preventive medicine.

The being of light, receive the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Gifts by Seed who symbolize the abundance in all aspects of the way on Earth (Health, Love, Prosperity, Creativity, Work, Family Life.

For the ancient cosmovisión, the sublime moments of the day are:  Dawn: at sunrise, when the Eagle rises.  SUNSET: to hide the Sun, when the Eagle Falls.  Starting with a Salutation to the 7 Universal Directions.