Dance Workshops

The ancestral dance provides us with an approach and connection with mother earth, the natural elements and the universe, enhances our cultural identity, increases our energy and alertness, connects us with our own inner Warrior, aware of itself and all living beings, and dances in appreciation of the creation and the existence of our being.


The purpose of this course, is to seed the Corporal Creative expression in children, as well they will develop their creative potential to CREATE their own works. Movement is the motivating and initiation part, psychomotor ability and imagination.

The interaction of the structural capabilities (reflection and perception) skills and experiences, design and symbolism, expression and communication). Inside the Playful Creation, is the most productive seed the learning process.

The children will experiences the awareness of their own body, like control of the emotions, discovering their mind, imagination, ideas, also expanding their sensory perception.

*Aimed at children aged 6-10 years.


Through ethnic instruments, songs and dances, children will have the opportunity to harmonize their emotions, develop their musical rhythmic talent, express themselves with song and dance, and acquire a way fun… an Eco – artistic consciousness.

*Also for the general public..


Ancestral dances provide us with alertness and an excellent fitness, connect us with our primary essence, the Warrior inner conscious Of everything around him, it allows us to have a face and a heart that are expressed together in the same way, while highlighting our Cultural identity.

Ancestral dance is practiced in a circular way within the Ancestral worldview. The circle is the symbol of the self transposed to the cosmic plane of existence. The circle expresses the totality of the man with the whole of nature and is represented in the eternal movement of the universe. This quality and dynamic quality of movement involves a process of creation…for ALL OF US.

* Aimed at the public in general. It is recommended to carry any musical instrument as: drum, rattle, flute.


The Maya Dance describes the forces that shape the universe, shows how the macrocos (universe) is reflected in the Microcosmos (Human Body). Is a virtuous and tangible technique , as well to understand the wonderful order that exists through out creation, from molecules, minerals, plants, animals, human life, even the movements of planets, stars and galaxies.

The Maya Dance shows harmony between the parties and their relationship to the whole, helps us tune our individual consciousness with the universal consciousness, developing a state of Oneness and Wholeness.

*Aimed at contemporary dance intermediate level.