ANCESTRAL is a Mystical Company that provides spiritual ceremonies since 1993.
Based on the Ancestral Cosmovision of the Mexhika and Maya Culture, ANCESTRAL offers Art and healing by moving with Dance and Ethnic Music.

Native of Mexico city, Dana has been initiated as an active member of the ancient Cosmovision since 1993, as well as, her current artistic career in creating Ancestral and Contemporary Fusion. She graduated from the Center of Choreographic Research, at the National Institute of Fine Arts.  She has collaborated in multidisciplinary concerts interacting with painters, sculptors, well know poets, and most notably, Jorge Reyes. She presented the Deer dance, with a contemporary vision, at the National Center of Arts, which was broadcast on TV 22 channel.

She was invited by the National Council of the Fauna (CNF) for the preservation of the Mexican species, and performed a Mayan Dance at the International Art Fest: “Fringe” in Edinburgh, France and London.

Dana Arabel also implements the Maya dance as a virtuous and tangible technique to understand the profound order that exists in all of creation (13:20).   Showing that the Micro Cosmos (human body) is reflected in the Macro Cosmos (universe), which is a tool that helps us to link the rhythm of nature by aligning our individual consciousness with the entire universe. Consciousness develops a state of unity and totality. Maya dance is a Universal language, that allows us to have access to the ancient wisdom, which contains our DNA ( Blue Print Activation).